MP View Free image viewer and manipulator
screenshot MP View is cross-platform image viewer with possibility of image manipulation (crop, resize, running filters), based on CImg and Qt
MP View is opensource software and is distributed under terms of GNU GPL v2.

Currently the project is in beta state. This version is now fully usable as a viewer and most bugs are already fixed, also most image manipulations work as expected. Still, some of the planned functions are not yet implemented or implemented only partially. Some speedup may also be necessary in certain parts. If you want to test it, head to download page on sourceforge.

6.5.2007Version 0.1.0 released
13.5.2007Version 0.2.0 released
23.5.2007Version 0.3.0 released
28.5.2007Version 0.3.9-beta released
10.6.2007Version 0.4.0 released
3.3.2008Version 0.4.1 released
19.4.2009Version 0.4.2 released
14.8.2009Version 0.4.3 released
27.8.2009Version 0.4.4 released

For more information, head on to the project page on sourceforge